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Violence happens if there is no space to flourish.

In 2012 I met a kind of soulmate. He makes me think a lot about myself and the whole fucked up world. I’m so thankful for having this sparring partner. He became a kind of penfriend because he lives abroad and I’m thinking about a little blog project to publish our thoughts on some topics and share it with you. One thought which came out of our two dancing minds was:

“Violence happens if there is no space to flourish.”

The human mankind is a species which wants to flourish in a tremendous way. Not only by territory, the mind and our personality likes to flourish as well. Think about Maslow and his pyramid of needs. We want to get individualism AND wholeness, which in the end has to lead to some conflicts from time to time, right?

So we are spreading as fast as we can, not thinking about space and the problems of not having enough of it. 

What happens when it gets tight in a room? We tend to panic or we get aggressive. 

So what happens when it gets tight in our minds and our cultures? Try to think about this the next couple of days.


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